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Client Engagement and Education Assistant

Pregnancy Center West Cincinnati, Ohio
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May 7, 2023
Pregnancy Center West
Cincinnati, Ohio
The Client Engagement and Education (CE&E) Assistant participates in day-to-day activities at Pregnancy Center West (PCW), under the direction of the Client Engagement & Education Manager (CEEM). The CE&E Assistant maintains relationships with clients, community members/referral agencies, fellow staff, and Client Advocates/volunteers. General responsibilities include assessing education needs among PCW clients and their family members and supporters, recommending appropriate educational classes and materials, and tracking completion thereof. The CE&E Assistant also assists with distribution of material goods as appropriate and approved, and assists with planning and facilitating fundraising events.

The Client Engagement and Education Assistant will be responsible for facilitating the promotion of BrightCourse or other educational correspondence program, that enables continued engagement with our clients beyond their initial pregnancy evaluation and follow ups.
This position is responsible for engaging all clients, not strictly pregnant and abortion-minded women. An aspect of this program is to engage the expectant mother's/child's support network, which may include engaging husbands, boyfriends, parents, and friends of those who seek our services.
Interfaces with new clients to enroll those interested in the BrightCourse program by entering name and info into database.
After initial enrollment, responsible for managing PCW's follow-up with BrightCourse clients.
Sends links to video lessons through BrightCourse to clients
Provides material assistance and earned rewards for BrightCourse clients
Responsible for documenting in PCW record keeping systems the interactions with clients, rewards given, or other pertinent information, to enable accurate tracking of program volume and success rates.

Must display morals, ethics and beliefs consistent with the Catholic church.
Must possess basic computer skills and experience working with MS Office programs.
Must be detail-oriented and capable of accurately documenting details of interactions with clients and others as directed.
Must display sound judgment, and a compassionate, empathetic, and conscientious approach to daily tasks and client relationships.
Must be able to work in a fast-paced environment and must exhibit flexibility, and the ability to keep multiple tasks in motion at the same time.
Must display good interpersonal and communication skills.
Must ensure confidentiality and privacy relating to clients, family members and supporters who seek assistance from PCW.

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