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RD Nutrition Consultants Gilbert, Arizona
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January 27, 2023
RD Nutrition Consultants
Gilbert, Arizona
RD Nutrition Consultants LLC is seeking a Remote-Clinical Registered Dietitian 3-5 hrs/week in the area Schedule: Flexible days/hours. Monday-Friday during normal business hours. All assessments are completed remotely via Telehealth. Compensation: $30.00-$36.00 per hour DOE RD Nutrition Consultants provides our consultants with competitive wages and flexible work schedules Responsibilities
  • Conducts a comprehensive nutrition assessment utilizing the Nutrition Care Process (NCP) for assigned patients.
  • Develops and implements an individualized plan for Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) in accordance with the patient's medical program goals and objectives.
  • Tailors diet prescription to each individual patient according to physical and metabolic needs.
  • Utilizes evidenced-based nutrition practice guidelines and Whole Health Principles to develop shared goals with the patient and formulates a plan of care that is focused on the etiology of the nutrition problem.
  • Orders labs, diets, and consults per Scope of Practice / Clinical privileges.
  • Evaluates and monitors the effectiveness and outcome of MNT interventions.
  • Evaluates the patient's response to care based on identified, measurable outcomes and reviews the plan, as appropriate.
  • Documents nutrition care plan in the patient's medical record
Nutrition Education and Coordination of Care: Assesses educational needs and provides nutrition education/counseling for individuals and groups.
  • Utilizes motivational interviewing techniques to evaluate patient and/or caregiver's readiness to learn and potential for changing behaviors.
  • Identifies drug-nutrient interactions and drug-drug incompatibilities and counsels / communicates with the patient regarding the impact on nutrition status and/or nutrient utilization.
  • Provides follow-up nutrition education/counseling according to the patient's treatment goals and determines when a problem requires consultation or referral to another provider or service.
  • Completes MDS/Care plans timely, as applicable.
Work Schedule: Typically Monday through Friday during business hours 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM RD Nutrition Consultants, LLC is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Consulting firm that provides Dietitians to health care facilities throughout the United States. Our consultants enjoy competitive wages and flexible work schedules.

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