Registered Dietitian

YMCA of Greater Boston Boston, US
distribution snap delivers education lead warehouse grocery mobile operational coordinate transitional assistance dta
January 26, 2023
YMCA of Greater Boston
Boston, US

YMCA of Greater Boston Registered Dietitian - SNAP 

The YMCA is a lead partner for the Greater Boston Food Bank and operates a warehouse distribution center that packages and delivers 4,500+ grocery bags weekly to more than 45 partners through the city of Boston.  A new Mobile Market will be operational in 2023 and will coordinate services in the city of Boston.  The goal is to provide service to communities daily with food choice and individual selection.  The YMCA of Greater Boston is also a partner to the Department of Transitional Assistance (DTA) and delivers SNAP-Education/ Nutritional Education to all distribution Centers in the city of Boston, partners with the Massachusetts Alliance of Ys and works directly with JRI and independent consultant to measure the impact of all Distribution Center Operations and Activities.  Annually pantry meals will deliver more than 3 million meals.

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